Pecuniary Losses


Percuniary Losses


Life brings uncertainties and to help our customers face these, we have developed a range of protection products. Below is an overview of just a few of them. For specific details of each country's products, please refer to their individual pages in the Our Operations section.

Credit life

Our credit life products provide support to our customers when making the big purchase decision of buying a vehicle. Should their circumstances change, it helps them to repay any debt, or rebuild their savings. Policies could cover accidents, sickness, loss of life, and in some cases, even be extended to cover all of your motoring costs from regular services through insurance to fuel.

GAP insurance

Even the most careful drivers have accidents, often through no fault of their own. This type of insurance helps our customers to protect themselves against financial loss should their vehicle be written off. In this situation the customer often finds themselves in a position where the amount of compensation they receive does not cover the cost of the amount owed on the original vehicle's financing, lease agreement or purchase cost. In these circumstances, GAP insurance can help by filling the gap between the compensation the customer receives and the original amount that they paid.

Extended Warranty

We are proud to be associated with some of the most reliable motor vehicles in the world through our corporate partners, but no machine is ever completely fault free during its lifetime. To help our customers when their motor vehicle breaks down outside of the manufacturer's warranty period, our extended warranty products are structured to return the vehicle back to working order.

Service plans

To many of our customers, the cost of owning a vehicle represents a significant proportion of their income. Having the ability to spread the cost of regular servicing over the period of ownership can help with budgeting and reduce the financial pressure that comes with a vehicle ownership. We can offer this with our service plan and also help with any future costs that the customer might incur.

Breaking down in a vehicle can be very stressful. It might happen in an unfamiliar location, whilst out late at night, with family or simply under a time schedule to reach somewhere. Our Roadside Assistance programmes are designed to alleviate the stress arising from these situations, and get our customers to their destination.